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Brook Shields, the big diva and celebrity actress of Hollywood film industry has been promoting Latisse (Bimatoprost 0.03%) for a long time and suggests on television advertisement that women, who want to grow longer and fuller eyelashes, should ask their eye experts if the drug was right for them. For the eye serum that has gained immense popularity since its launch and approval from FDA, it turns out to be easy to bypass doctor’s prescription and save on consulting cost. But this idea is bad and can really fire back!

Beauty salons across US have been dispensing Latisse to their clients directly without any intervention from eye expert. Websites and retailers online have been doing brisk business with Latisse. Even doctors in US have been selling Latisse like hot cakes without getting much into medical history of desperate customers. They openly claim to be doing tons of business with the ophthalmic drug.

Now the real hitch in using Generic Latisse without prescription is the added risk of developing allergic reaction beyond your control. If you develop any serious complications then you have to visit your eye expert. Therefore it is always wise to see him before buying or using Latisse and calling for unnecessary risk. Allergen, the manufacturer of brand Latisse and even pharmaceutical companies producing Generic Latisse like Careprost or Bimat recommend you to first consult with your eye expert for his/her opinion and then it would be safe to buy the drug. With doctor’s prescription you can log on to and order Latisse online.

Secondly, insurance companies do not support your claim if you buy drugs from online pharmacies which do not ask for doctor’s prescription or formal advice. Many states in United States have strict prohibition rules against selling of drugs online by doctors without physically seeing their patients. Allergen has gone on record saying it they would cut supplies to doctors who sell Latisse online without checking their clients’ eligibility or medical history. In certain cases in Pennsylvania the drug giant has shut down two healthcare providers who were selling Latisse online and was further investigating 15 others. But the company said that it had little or no control over Latisse stock that gets smuggled from outside America or on the influx of generic version of Latisse (cheap Latisse) which is not approved by FDA.

Thirdly if you are an online customer of Latisse you have no idea of using the eye serum appropriately and you invariably end up smudging on facial skin and as a result invite unpleasant side effects. These could be itching inside your eyes, redness in eyes, discharge from eyes and growing hair on facial skin. Remember that if you accidently touch the applicator dipped in Latisse on your facial skin and do not wipe off immediately then you are likely to grow hair at unexpected parts of your face which can look horrifying. When you visit your eye expert he trains you to use Latisse properly with required precision so that you do not develop any damaging side effects.

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